Welcome to my personal page, my name is Fausto Migneco and I am a tour guide licensed by the Sicilian Regional Government. If you want to discover the rich heritage of this island, with its unique mix of various cultures, traditions, arts, architecture, and natural beauty, follow me! I will tell you the story of the mythical Syracuse, the Lady of the Mediterranean Sea, lying between the crystalline waters and the white stone, with a Greek profile and an elegant Baroque dress; we will walk through the narrow streets of the legendary Ortigia Island, her home, where luxurious aristocratic buildings and churches modeled in white limestone are the natural settings. We’ll get lost among the stalls of the old market, full of exotic fruits, sweets, and spices; then we will descend into the belly of the earth, where we will discover the traces of the first inhabitants of the island. Finally, following the route of ancient Greek aqueducts we reach the sea, dressed in blue, like the beautiful Arethusa, the nymph who was turned into a fountain by Artemis to quench the millennial papyrus.

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